Monday, October 22, 2007

Praise and Prayer

Praise the Lord for hearing our prayer for rain! Thank you heavenly Father for hearing the prayers and confessions of your people. Father, we are desperately unworthy of even your most common grace, and yet you care for us far beyond anything that we deserve. Christ is our treasure. Your Spirit is our power. Your promises are our hope. Father, please continue to send rain upon our parched state, and even more, pour out your Word on this parched land and bring great repentance to our nation and our world. Amen!

Please, brothers and sisters, join us in praying for the Liberian Bible project. Help put a Reformation Study Bible in the hands of Liberian pastors. This war-torn nation has been without pastoral education for fifteen years. Some of the pastors who came to the preaching conference that Pastor Travis taught at did not even have copies of the Old Testament. We need about two thousand dollars to provide these Bibles and the grace of the Lord to see them all the way to Liberia and into the hands of the pastors. Please ask the Lord for his provision and providence in this matter.