Monday, March 24, 2008

Announcements - March 23, 2008

If you ever need prayer after a service, our prayer team will be in the corner of the sanctuary next to the cry room.

Since we celebrated communion on Good Friday, there is no communion service at the end of the month. The Jones's, however, are still hosting anyone who is interested for Sunday lunch next week.

Tues, Mar. 25, 6-8 pm, is Small Group Leaders Training. All leaders, hosts and those interested in leader or hosting a small group please plan to attend.

Highlands has sexual purity groups for men and women. Contact Pastor Travis (men), or Heather.

We are currently at 84% of our budgeted giving. We are $5730 behind in our budget for the year. Our weekly budget is $3289. Last month’s average was $2669. Last week’s offering was $2174.

Why “with fear and great joy”? They had seen an amazing event. It was beyond all their expectations. The tomb had been empty where they had just before seen him laid. The angel led them to the tomb that they might become witnesses both of his tomb and his resurrection. It is evident that no one could have stolen his body, when so many soldiers were sitting nearby him. Hence he raised up himself. For this reason they rejoiced and stood in awe.
John Chrysostom, 4th century