Monday, April 21, 2008

Announcements - Apr 20, '08

New Members class is April 22, 6-9 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Please call the church office to register.

Apr 25-26 we will be having a men's campout. Fathers are greatly encouraged to bring their sons. Watch the website for information to be posted late Monday nite.

Chad Brotherton and Jason Armstrong are graduating from Dalton State College on Fri., May 2nd at 7 p.m. at the Convention Center in Dalton. Everyone is invited to a celebration on Saturday the 4th from 1-3 pm at the LaFayette Rec.

If you would like to have a CD of our new worship music, please sign up and pay $15 to Dan Hudson. We need to get the money in advance.

We are currently at 92% of our budgeted giving. We are $4094 behind in our budget for the year. Our weekly budget is $3289. Last month’s average was $3763. Last week’s offering was $4004.

Baptism is the sign of the initiation by which we are received into the society of the church, in order that, engrafted in Christ, we may be reckoned among God’s children. Now baptism was given to us by God for these ends: first, to serve our faith before him; secondly, to serve our confession before men.
John Calvin, 1559