Sunday, May 24, 2009

24 May 2009

What do Melvin, Carol and Simon have to do with Philippi, or the Gospel?

During every service, we have prayer intercessors (people in our congregation who feel especially called to a ministry of prayer) who are available to pray for you next to the cry room after the service.

The Pastor’s Bar-B-Q is tomorrow, Memorial Day, May 25 at 3 pm. Please come and bring guests. If you can, please bring a dessert or a side that goes with Bar-B-Q.

The church office is closed on Memorial Day.

Mary Corbett will be speaking at the Scenic City Women’s Network Marketplace Luncheon Thu., May 28 at 12 noon at First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga. Register by calling 423-698-6262 or emailing Susan Green at

Lord’s Supper is next Sunday, May 31st, at 5:45 p.m. Please bring a main dish and a side. No peanuts or tree nuts.

Join us in fasting and prayer on Friday, May 29 (sundown 28th to sundown 29th). Please pray about your own relationship with the Lord, the ministry of Highlands, and the persecuted Church. This month, please pray for Christians in the Philippines, who are being persecuted in the south by Abu Sayyaf, an Al-Quaeda affiliate. Please pray for the families of 8 Christians recently beheaded by Islamic militants.

June 14 is our next congregational meeting

Although Luke does not explicitly refer to either her conversion or her baptism, the fact that her deliverance took place between the conversions of Lydia and the gaoler leads readers to infer that she too became a member of the Philippian church.
John R. W. Stott, 1994