Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Blog

For those of you who read such things, I (Pastor Travis) have a new blog which is linked to the Highlands site. You can find it by watching the right hand side of the website as you scroll down. I recently read an article on the Desiring God blog which gave me a whole new perspective on being a pastor and blogging. My old blog was basically a catch-all for anything I was moved enough to write about. I've moved some of the articles from the old blog to the new.

I've also narrowed our blog feed to active Highlands ministry blogs. Some of you have some pretty neat stuff on your blogs, but we don't want people clicking a link on our website and sending them to a post on Zombie movies (don't worry, I won't tell who it was).

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions on my blog. I'm hoping it will raise the communication level a bit.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Travis