Sunday, August 23, 2009

Small Group Questions

Due to a problem with Google Documents, we're placing the small group discussion questions for August 23 here on the main feed.

Isaiah 5:1-30
Barriers to Fruitfulness: Interlude

1. This sermon series assumes that the fruitfulness that God seeks in his people (justice, mercy, etc.) is actually produced by the grace of God. Each of the "Barriers to Fruitfulness" is actually a rejection of the grace of God. Pick one of the following and respond from your own life:

a. Unrestrained Wealth-Gathering is a denials the treasures of grace, Matt 13:45-46.
b. Worldly Pleasure-Seeking denies the pleasures of Grace, Heb 12:2.
c. Mocking Skepticism denies the availability of God's grace, Matt 7:7.
d. Moral Relativity denies the need for God's grace, Rom 3:19.

2. What is the difference between loving and evangelizing Muslims and resisting Islam? How can you practically do both?

3. How can you practically repent of unjust attitudes and actions you have towards the aged?

4. What are some other ways that you can address your own "blind spots" having to do with injustice?

5. We've been talking about the reality of the judgement of God for several weeks. Has your thinking or awareness of it changed any? How?