Monday, November 16, 2009

Retreat - Cabin Assignments and Movie!

The retreat is nearly here! Several of you have asked about a book reading discussion - we're not having one this year, but we are having a film viewing discussion. Eric and Naomi will be leading a discussion on Saturday about the film "Rabbit Proof Fence" (and no, this is not an animated Disney flick.) You are encouraged to view the film prior to coming on the retreat if at all possible; however, there will be time to see it at the retreat before the discussion. Parents, please use discretion about your children seeing this film; it is rated PG for emotional intensity and involves kidnapping and slavery in the story.


Cabin assignments (UPDATED 11/16, but subject to finalization - if you see someone on this list that you know isn't attending, or if you know someone who is attending who is not on this list, please contact the church office ASAP!)

9 – Matthew A, Jason N, Ben B, Seth B, Zach McE, Jeff B, Gabe C, Scott B, John O, David R

10 – Will J, Alli J, Travis H, Kimberly H, George H, Paul H, Ike B, Renee B

11 – Eric S, Naomi S, Lucy S, Matt V (whole V family coming on Saturday), Joan V, Kate V, Rose V, De De C

12 – Aaron R, Sarah R, Jeremiah R, Nathaniel R, Gama B, Adria B, Isai B, Dan H, Shanna H, Eli H

14 – Daniel J, Lauri J, Jonah J, Marley J, Christopher J, Steve J, Sarah J

15 – Amanda E, Sarah L. J, Amalia S, Anita R, Katie C, Emily B, Micki C, Luisa DiB, Abigail J, Sadie C (coming on Saturday)

16 – MaryAnne B, Andreana, Allan B, Joan B, Cathy A,

17 – Brent B, Alisa B, Sam B, Pam B, Patrick B, Maria B, Chad S, Debbie S, Toby S, Sophia S, Elizabeth S

Duplex - Dennis L, Barb L, Rae C