Thursday, November 12, 2009


The All-Highlands Retreat is coming up very soon. It looks like it's going to be a great time of learning, fellowship, and laughter (if last year's talent show is any indication of what we'll face this year!) If you've signed up for the retreat, but haven't communicated with Bekah about payment, please call the church office. Also, check out the bottom of this posting for helpful links to the Camp Vesper Point site.

Here's our schedule for the weekend...

Friday, November 20
6:00 pm ▪ Arrival
7:00 pm ▪ Dinner
8:00 pm ▪ Praise & Worship #1
9:00 pm ▪ Bonfire
9:00 pm ▪ (alternate activity - film showing for Saturday's film discussion)

Saturday, November 21
8:30 am ▪ Breakfast
9:30 am ▪ Praise & Worship #2
10:30 am ▪ Free Time
10:30 am ▪ Interpreting Film group
(film tba - you are encouraged to see it before you come on the retreat)
12:30 pm ▪ Lunch
1:00 pm ▪ Free Time
4:30 pm ▪ Ministry Break-Out Sessions
6:00 pm ▪ Dinner
7:00 pm ▪ Praise & Worship #3
8:30 pm ▪ Talent Show
11:00 pm ▪ Lights Out and Quiet

Sunday, November 22
8:30 am ▪ Breakfast
10:00 am ▪ Praise & Worship #4
12:00 pm ▪ Snacks & Departure

If you're wondering about those "free times," there will be people leading activities for children, and there are plenty of fun things to do on the Camp Vesper Point campus (fishing - bring your own gear; kayaking on the lake; walking the nature trail; playing soccer on the big field; pool and other indoor games; "gockey"; basketball; and whatever games you bring along.) We'll be in the newer side of the campus, and their indoor facilities are very nice and comfortable! You can take a look around their website for photos, directions and a campus map.

Cabin assignments (subject to finalization - if you see someone on this list that you know isn't attending, or if you know someone who is attending who is not on this list, please contact the church office ASAP!)

9 – Matthew A, Jason N, Ben B, Seth B, Zach McE, Jeff B, Gabe C, Scott B, John O, David R

10 – Will J, Alli J, Travis H, Kimberly H, George H, Paul H, Ike B, Renee B

11 – Eric S, Naomi S, Lucy S, Wally D, Laurie D, Matt V, Joan V, Kate V, Rose V, De De C

12 – Aaron R, Sarah R, Jeremiah R, Nathaniel R, Gama B, Adria B, Dan H, Shanna H, Eli H

14 – Daniel J, Lauri J, Jonah J, Marley J, Christopher J, Steve J, Sarah J

15 – Amanda E, Sarah L. J, Amalia S, Anita R, Katie C, Emily B, Micki C, Luisa DiB, Megan D, Abigail J

16 – MaryAnne B, Andreana, Allan B, Joan B, Cathy A, Skip O, Lyn O, Abigail O

17 – Brent B, Alisa B, Sam B, Pam B, Patrick B, Maria B, Chad S, Debbie S, Toby S, Sophia S, Elizabeth S

Duplex - Dennis L, Barb L, Rae C