Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day of Prayer and Fasting

Join us in prayer and fasting this Friday as we prepare to come to the Lord's table on Sunday evening. We fast from sundown on Thursday to sundown (8:18 PM) on Friday (8:20 pm). Many people find it helpful to set aside the times in which they would normally be eating to fast, pray, meditate and read Scripture.

Here are some items for prayer:
a) pray about your relationship with Christ. What are you doing which displeases him? What are you NOT doing that he is calling you to? What kinds of things need to change in your heart?
b) pray about your relationships with others. Where are you holding on to anger and unforgiveness? What kinds of selfishness and pride are you struggling with? What do you need to do to reconcile with others? Are you willing to do so?
c) pray for the persecuted church. Please pray that Agape Puppets team leader in India would be set free from prison and exonerated of all charges of "religious coercion." Please pray that India would get rid of these laws which end up being a pretext for persecuting Christians. Pray for Rifqa Bary, the teenage convert from Islam in Ohio, that she would not be deported and that she would maintain a good witness and that God would protect her from Muslims who have threatened her. Please pray for the Christians in Egypt and Pakistan, where large Christian minorities are being violently persecuted. Many Christian girls are being abducted and forced into marriages with Muslims and then forbidden by the state from leaving the marriages.