Monday, April 12, 2010

This Week's Quote - Louis Gaussen

“How do we come to see that so many thousands can every morning and evening open their Bibles without once perceiving there doctrines which it teaches with the utmost clearness? How can they thus, during many a long year, walk on in darkness with the sun in their hands: Do they not hold these books to be a revelation from God? Yes, but prepossessed with false notions of the divine inspiration, and believing that there still exists in Scripture an alloy of human error – fain to find in it, nevertheless, its reasonable utterances of thought, in order to their being authorized to believe these divine – they make it their study, as if unconsciously, to give these a meaning that their own wisdom approves; and thus not only do they render themselves incapable of recognizing therein the wisdom of God, but they sink the Scriptures in their own respect.”

- L. Gaussen, 1790-1863