Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Retreat This Weekend! Part One - Cabin Assignments

Everyone - we have a record-breaking 107 people (plus babies and toddlers) going on the All-Highlands Retreat this weekend, which we're very happy about! Cabin assignments are listed below. Don't forget to bring warm clothes for the bonfire on Friday, your own towel and sleeping bag or linens to go on your bunk (everyone will have a bunk or a cot), and a pack & play or floor pallet for any child four and under (all the bunks available are filled.)

Cabin 9
Linda S. (Friday night only)
Brent B. (Saturday night)
Alisa B.
Sam B.
Skip O.
Lyn O.
Abby O.
Kate F.
Bekah T.
Donna F.
Richard F.

Cabin 10
Jim B.
Pam B.
Patrik B.
Maria B.
Aaron R.
Sarah R.
Jeremiah R.
Nathaniel R.
Matthew F.
Libby F.
Guy K.
Caleb K.

Cabin 11
Scott B.
Seth B.
Jeff B.
Jason N.
Zach M.
John O.
Drew C.
Gabe C.
Jonathan F.
Logan F.
Vic B.
Shawn K.

Cabin 12
Will J.
Alli J.
Grace J.
Gio J.
Mari J.
Aaron F.
Melissa F.
Canaan F.
Justus F.
Eric S.
Naomi S.
Lucy S.

Cabin 13
Travis H.
Kimberly H.
George H.
Paul H.
Miriam P.
Artie G.
Susan G.
Cathy A.
Dan L.
Lisa L.
Elijah L.

Cabin 14
Billy F.
Gaby F.
Daniel F.
Benjamin F.
Gama B.
Adria B.
Isai B.
Israel B.
Elvia B.
Irlanda B.
Belen B.

Cabin 15
Stephanie A.
Sarah A.
Charis S.
Amalia S.
Hannah T.
Anita R.
Katie R.
Katie C.
Abigail J.
Jessica F.
Micki C.
Janel C.

Cabin 16
Ike B.
Renee B.
Dan H.
Shanna H.
Eli H.
Addie H.
MaryAnne B.
Alicia O.
Itzel O.
Isaac B.
Sarah B.
Blake O.
Joni O.

Cabin 17
Seth S.
Aubrie S.
Carter S.
Debby M.
Abby M.
Levi M.
Amanda M.
Chad O.
Cherise O.
Lilly O.
Amanda P.
Chris P.
Sarah G.
Cameron G.

Dennis L.
Barbara L.
Rae C.