Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ladies - Retreat Directions

Women of Highlands -

Here are the directions to the Bighams', who are graciously hosting our retreat again this year.


These directions are from the Jackson Realty at the corner of Hwy 27 and the bypass. Feel free to use Google maps to search from your location to E. Broomtown Road, but pay careful attention to the last few notes in these directions, as Google maps won’t be so specific.

-Head southwest on N. Main Street toward W. McCarter Road 16 ft.
-Turn LEFT at Lyle Jones Parkway 3.2 mi.
-Continue onto GA-A S/S Main St/US 27 S 1.8 mi.
-Turn RIGHT at Shattuck Industrial Boulevard .9 mi.
-Turn LEFT at Foster Mill Drive 1.7 mi.
-Turn LEFT at E. Broomtown Road 4.4 mi.
-Approximately 4 miles after turning onto E. Broomtown you will come to a point where the road appears to make a 90 degree turn to the right. There is a white Florida looking house with a white fence on your left. You want to go STRAIGHT onto the “dead end” road, which is actually still E. Broomtown Road.
-Continue approximately .3 miles further on E. Broomtown Road.
-Turn LEFT into the Blue Mountain Airpark, and follow the road around the airstrip past TWO houses on your LEFT. Next you will see a small stage, a firepit, and some chairs on your LEFT. TURN LEFT IMMEDIATELY (there should be a white arrow). The road almost immediately splits…bear to the LEFT. Follow by the lake and barn and the road will end in front of Alisa’s house.