Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Office Phone Down

Brothers and sisters,
Some of you may have noticed that our office response time to incoming phone messages has been drastically lengthened for the past couple of weeks and that it has been impossible to get a live person in the office via phone call. We want to apologize for any unreturned phone calls and assure you it is not because the volunteers filling in during Bekah's vacation were in any way negligent.
We switched telephone providers on September 9th and as of yesterday finally discovered that the switch was somehow bungled between the two providers and not completed. We are working to get this fixed sooner-than-possible but are told that it may not happen until sometime next week. We will let you know as soon as the line is functional, and in the meantime, the best way is to contact us by email at . It may or may not be possible for us to check phone messages even if you are able to leave one for us, so please do not assume that we have received your call until we announce that the system is back on.
Thank you for your patience!