Monday, November 5, 2007

Announcements - November 04, '07

This Week's Memory Verse: Daniel 6:5

There is a women’s meeting at Lisa Lewis’house on Monday, Nov. 5. This is a pre-retreat meeting. Please try to come.

The Women’s Retreat is at the Bigham’s, Nov. 9-10. Please try to come and stay for the whole retreat.

Nov. 20 Highlands will be hosting a community-wide Thanksgiving service (Tues. evening). Please make plans to attend and pray for the completion of the sanctuary.

The Youth Group is still looking for people to sponsor tables for the A+ Women’s banquet on Nov. 13 at the Collonade, starting at 7:00 p.m.. Giana Jessen, who as an infant survived an abortion procedure intended to end her life, will be the keynote speaker. You won’t want to miss hearing her testimony of God’s grace. Talk to Dan Hudson or Joan Vos if you are interested.

The band needs a sound person. They will train you and it will be fun. Call Dan at the church office.

Our weekly budget is $3,300. Last week’s offering was $3,200.

The very idea of a man being ‘sanctified,’ while no holiness can be seen in his life, is flat nonsense and a misuse of words. Light may be very dim; but if there is only a spark in a dark room, it will be seen. Life may be very feeble; but if the pulse beats only a little, it will be felt. It is just the same with a sanctified man: his sanctification will be something felt and seen, though he himself may not understand it. A ‘saint,’ in whom nothing can be seen but worldliness or sin, is a kind of monster not recognized in the Bible!

Bishop J. C. Ryle, Holiness