Monday, November 12, 2007

Announcements - November 11, '07

Memory Verse - John 6:29

Nov. 20 Highlands will be hosting a community-wide Thanksgiving service (Tues. evening). The service starts at 7:00 p.m. There will be a short dessert fellowship afterwards. Please make plans to attend and pray for the completion of the sanctuary.

December 1 is the annual Jesus Birthday Party at Linda Summer's house. The party starts at 6:00 p.m. Have you ever seen the "Christmas House"? It's overwhelming, but you will recover. Lots of Christmas food - more than you could ever eat. Seriously, this is a great event to bring your friends or family to, especially if they find church threatening.

The A+ Women’s banquet is Nov. 13. Giana Jessen, who as an infant survived an abortion procedure intended to end her life, will be the keynote speaker.

Monday, Nov. 26, there will be a Life-Line Health Screening at Highlands. See our parish nurse, Adria Greenwald to sign up.

Our year-to-date giving is at 88.6% of our budget. Our weekly budget is $3,300. 4-week average is $3,157. Last week’s offering was $4,723.

Entreat the Lord to redress all those abuses wherewith Satan and sin have filled it, and then to take possession of it himself, for therein consists its happiness. This is, or should be, a main end of our resortings at his house and service. Wrong not yourselves so far as to turn these serious exercises of religion into an idle divertisement [diversion]. What a happiness were it, if every time you come to his solemn worship, some of your strongest sins did receive a new wound, and some of your weakest graces a new strength!

Archbishop Robert Leighton, “Of Heavenly Wisdom,” 1853