Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Announcements - December 23, '07

If you are planning on taking the Spanish or ESL class, please make sure that you have signed up by letting Travis or Heather know (Spanish) or Israel (ESL) and paying your class fee (ESL $15, SSL $30).

We do not currently have someone to organize our yearly New Year’s Eve game night. If anyone is interested in making this year’s party a reality, please volunteer this morning and talk to Pastor Travis after the service.

Giving Announcement: All gifts must be DATED and RECEIVED in the office or offering plate by Dec. 31 to be placed on this year’s giving statement.

Next Sunday is the Lord’s Supper. Please prepare your hearts to come to the Lord’s table by meditating on Christ and your relationships with others in the body.

Don’t forget that the Christmas season is 12 days, starting on December 25 and ending January 6. Take time after all of the rush to celebrate Christ and salvation with your family and tell the story of Jesus to your children and others.

We have been a long time in sinning, we had need be a long time in repenting.

Mr. Case, August 19, 1662 sermon
(on his ejection from the ministry with the Act of Uniformity)