Friday, March 14, 2008

Congregational Meeting Documents

At the congregational meeting last Sunday

1) Pastor Travis presented a plan involving children's Sunday School, our bookkeeper and use of the house. The elders answered questions and took responses to the plan.

2) Pastor Travis gave a report on the 2007 finances and explained the Highlands financial situation. We have no debt and some cash reserves for one-time emergencies. However, our giving has been below budget. The giving has been trending upwards, so no correction may be needed, but if it doesn't the budget will be reset in April.

3) The Highlands All-Church Retreat was announced (and re-named) for October 3-5. Mark your calendars.

4) The elders took feedback on the no food/drink policy in the new sanctuary.

5) The elders took a quick poll on sound level in the new sanctuary.

The elders will be meeting on next Tuesday to discuss some of these issues in light of the congregation's feedback. Check here for more details.