Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 18, '09

***This Friday is our monthly day of fasting*** You are invited to join us in fasting from sundown on Thursday until sundown on Friday. As we fast, please pray a) that God will reveal your sin that you may repent and experience God's sweet grace and forgiveness, b) that God would strengthen and aid the persecuted church. Right now Kazakhstan is attempting to pass a very repressive law restricting Christianity which will shut down many churches and ministries. If you need guidance on fasting, Pastor Travis's outline of notes on the spiritual disciplines is here.

Please pick up your giving statements in the entryway. We are not mailing giving statements to regular attenders this year.

We still have a need for a Sunday School teacher for the 1-3 grade class. Please see Jen Fagan about this need. This class is now in limbo because of our lack of a teacher and the students are joined with another class.

The officers of Highlands are meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 20. If you wish to meet with the Session for membership, please contact the office.

Sarah Jones will be speaking at the Scenic City Women’s Network on Jan. 22. You can find the Network web page off the Highlands website.

Small Group Leaders Training is Monday, Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. All small group leaders and hosts need to attend. Those interested in small group ministry are welcome as well. We only do this once or twice a year so it is vital that all small group leaders and hosts attend!

Satan studied only those passages from Scriptures that were convenient to him and omitted those which were harmful to him. The heretics are like this too. They appropriate from Scripture those passages that suit their erroneous teaching and omit those that refute their errors, thereby demonstrating that they are disciples of this master.

Ephrem the Syrian, c. 370