Monday, December 21, 2009

Prayer and Fasting

In preparation for the Lord's Supper this next Sunday (Dec. 27) we're having a day of prayer and fasting TOMORROW (Tuesday). The suggested fasting time is sundown TONIGHT to sundown TOMORROW.

Please pray a) that God will reveal to you your sin and grant you greater faith and repentance; b) that God will protect Rifqa Bary tomorrow as the judge decides whether or not to send her home to her Muslim family; c) that God would bring many people to hear the Good News of Jesus to the Christmas Eve service and bring them to saving faith.

Rifqa background - Rifqa is a 17 year old Christian convert from a Muslim family. Her parents are observant Muslims from a mosque which has had radical teachers. Rifqa ran away from home to the house of a Christian pastor and his family in Florida after she says that her father threatened to kill her unless she renounces Christianity. It is a common Islamic doctrine that "apostates" should receive the death penalty, though certainly not every Muslim believes this.

The Christmas Eve service is this Wednesday at 8 pm - 9 pm. Bring the kiddos in their jammies. Celebrate Christmas and help us welcome visitors.

The Lord's Supper this coming Sunday is Sunday Morning, NOT EVENING. We will celebrate the sacrament in the morning service. There will be no meal with the service. See you there!